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East Campus

2423 S. Austin Blvd.
Cicero, IL 60804


Rudy Hernandez - x 2318

Assistant Principals:
Erin Kelly – x 2310
Jose Alonzo Gamboa - x 2314
Dr. Michael Parrie - x 2323

Deans of Students:
Richard Baranowski – x 2225
Eric Ramirez - x 2218
Celestina Rivera – x 2223
LaQuitha Snow – x 2238


Morton East’s new student online newspaper is now online!


It can now be accessed at www.MonthlyMortonian.com. The new site features revolving news articles, photography and even video clips by Monthly Mortonian student staff. The online site is interactive – allowing readers to respond to content by publishing their own comments. Check it out, now!

Attention Seniors


Graduation information is available here:mortoneast.weebly.com/



Message from the Principal - Mr. Rudy Hernandez






 Spotlight Student

By: Mario Ceballos, Alex VIllagrana, and Liliana Artega.

Senior Ramos Diaz has recently won 1st place and now has qualified to go to the state competition for pre-calculus.


Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: The reward that comes with hard work. Taking steps towards achieving my long term goals

Q: What academic choices have you made that make you a successful student?

A: By prioritizing school, making sure i finish all the work that is given to me by my teachers before I do other things. There is no better tool to shape our future. ”


Q: What are your future goals?

A: To continue on the path on becoming a math teacher in order to come back and help my community.

Q: What was your last/greatest achievement as a high school student?

A: I earned 1st place and qualified for the state competition for pre-calculus. It made me feel great that I achieved something that I had worked hard to on for a long time.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Hopefully in my home, completed my Bachelor’s degree and on my path to becoming a mathematics professor.


Q: Would you like to make a shout out to a teacher/staff member that has been an inspiration to you?

A: I would like to acknowledge Ms. Kane, Mr. Horvath, Mr. Gamboa, and Ms. Kelly for being a huge influence in my success this year

Q: How are you a role model for your peers/underclassmen/women?

A: By showing that practice really does make perfect. If someone puts enough work and practice into achieving a goal, they will see results


Q: How do you show your mustang pride?

A: By letting everyone I meet know that my High School is Morton East”

Q: What activities/clubs/sports/ do you participate in at Morton?


A: Mathletes, cyber service, snowball, and NHS.




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2013-14 PTO Meeting Dates

*All PTO meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise noted. Meeting are located in the Morton East Library and begin at 6:30pm.

Wednesday September 25, 2013
Wednesday October 16, 2013
Wednesday November 20, 2013
Wednesday December 18, 2013
Wednesday January 22, 2014
Wednesday February 19, 2014
Wednesday March 19, 2014
Wednesday April 16, 2014
Wednesday May 21, 2014


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