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Morton Freshman Center
1801 South 55th Avenue
Cicero, Illinois 60804

Principal's Office:

(708) 863-2200 x 1122 to report absences (English / Español)

The Morton Freshman Center opened in August 2004 for 1,280 Morton East Freshman. Ms. Mayra Barahona-Arroyo is the building principal and currently has 1,301 students.



Message from the Principal - Mayra Barahona-Arroyo


Parents and Guardians-
We are now in the second semester of your child’s freshmen year.  For your child to be “on track” he/she should have earned 2.5 credits during the first semester.  It is important that you continue to monitor your child’s academic progress to ensure that he/she is earning passing grades so that he/she can earn their 5 credits by the end of the school year.  We not only welcome, but encourage you to be our partners in this endeavor.  As a means to facilitate communication with you, we have Maria Salazar, who is our parent liaison, and can be reached at 863-7900 ext. 1117.
You can also contact our school counselors if you have a concern with your child’s academic progress. Mr. McMillin, Ms. Meyers, Ms. Blunk, and Ms. Wojcik are always willing to contact teachers on your behalf, speak to your child, facilitate a meeting or submit a specific referral for services when necessary.  The guidance counselors work in partnership with parents to provide the best possible learning environment for the children and families we serve at the Freshman Center.  Please contact the Guidance Office at 708-863-7900, ext. 1137 if you need to speak with them.
Mayra Barahona-Arroyo
English-Robert Murphy
With final exams behind us, the Freshman Center English Department is putting its full energy into teaching the students argumentative essay writing.  The steps to writing the argumentative essay begin on page 20 of the Freshman Handbook for Writing. Each Student can expect to write several argumentative essays covering the entire writing process during Semester Two.
Math-Benjamin Dobes
February 2014
Second semester is upon us and despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to hold us back the FC Mathematics Department is diving into second semester.  Students in Integrated Math have begun their study of Geometry investigating Transformation & Congruence with a focus on Triangles.  The Honors Geometry students have begun studying Similarity thru non-rigid transformation, also known as dilation.  Also, as second semester begins, so does the second round of MAP testing, be sure to ask students what their goal is for the second test.
The FC Mathematics Department is also proud to report the recent success of the Freshman Center Mathlete Team, for more details click the link below:
Social Studies- James Conley
The Social Science department has had a very busy beginning of the year. While we've been hampered by what seems like endless winter, our sunny dispositions keep us warm with thoughts of history and the spring which will soon be upon us. Student success on final examinations was higher than ever, we continue to work hard to improve our students' literacy skills through implementation of rigorous document based question essays, and we have started the journey to rolling out better technology for all students.
ELL/Bilingual-Angela Barrera
Students and teachers in the ELL/Bilingual program are gearing-up for the standardized test for English Learners known as ACCESS.  Covering the four domains of listening, reading, speaking and writing, the test helps us place students in the appropriate level and it shows us their growth from year to year.  The exit criteria was raised to a 5.0 overall this year in the state of Illinois, so our students are faced with a tougher challenge than usual.  We have been preparing all semester by focusing on organizational writing skills, which is the most difficult part of the test for most students.  The ELL 4 classes finished "Glogster" projects (on-line, interactive posters), and the authors of the best product in each class were treated to a catered lunch.  They brought a friend, shared a meal, and showed their projects to our building administrators:  Ms. Arroyo, Ms. Rodriguez, and Mr. Izquierdo. ELL 1 and 2 students have embarked on a PhotoStory 3 project with the assistance of our librarian Mrs. Burke.  They are creating biographical mini-documentaries that include recorded narration about a famous Latin American or female artist. 
Physical Education/Health- Joe Hovanes
All P.E. & health classes are filled with new students for second semester. In P.E. all student have gone over the policy, and rules. Too add, all of the students have finished their fitness testing, started hockey in the gym, learning weight exercises, and running 2:30 every day. All of the Health class have finished the final exam pretest and are going over their first unit which is wellness.
Science-Niki Gamboa

 As second semester begins students are turning a new page in the Biology curriculum.  The building is crawling with DNA and students are examining those microscopic blueprints and truly understanding how DNA works and why it is essential to life.  Genetics will pose many questions to our freshman as we look at the patterns of heredity and question our traits and characteristics.  





Ms. Mayra Barahona-Arroyo

Assistant Principal:

Ms. Angelica Rodriguez

Dean of Students:

Mr. Norberto Izquierdo

Guidance Office - 708-863-7900 x 1137
Health Services - 708-863-7900 x 1211


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