Driver Education

  • DRIVER EDUCATION (Night School/Summer School/Sophomore leadership)

    Offered: Semester Course According to state law, Pursuant to Sections 27-23 and 27-24.2 of the School Code, no student shall be permitted to enroll in a driver education course provided by a public school district or a nonpublic school unless he or she has either: 1) received a passing grade in at least eight courses (which may include courses completed in grade 8) during the previous two semesters or, in the case of block scheduling that reduces the number of courses taken per semester, in at least half the courses taken during the previous two semesters. Driver Education Fees: a fee is required plus a $20.00 Illinois State permit fee to be paid on the first day of class. Students must pass the written Driver Education Vehicle Code Permit Test to advance to the Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) phase. Pending availability of instructors, students are selected in chronological order by birth date and are given the opportunity to successfully complete the required 6 hours of training. Students have the option of taking BTW before or after school as the schedules permit.

    CREDIT: 0.5   TYPE: Regular   GRADE: 10-12

    PREREQUISITE:  Must have five credits and have consent from your counselor.

    COREQUISITES: If you take this course, you must also take PHYSICAL EDUCATION SOPH Q1, or Q2, or Q3, or Q4 (SPRING)

    FEES:  $20.00 plus $300.00 for BTW