Objectives of Participation

  •  What are the objectives of participation at Morton?

    To be considered an educational experience, extra-curricular activities must have specific and worthwhile objectives. These objectives include development of:

    • Physical fitness and skills
    • Mental alertness
    • Ethical qualities
    • Constructive social abilities
    • Emotional maturity

    All objectives and principles in extra-curricular activities must be primarily concerned with the welfare and educational development of the student participant. The principles, which are to be achieved from the Interscholastic Program, are to provide students with the opportunity to:

    • Develop physical talents to their maximum potential.
    • Engage in competitive activities, while promoting sound health, safety, and physical fitness.
    • Exemplify good conduct as a means for learning good citizenship.
    • Learn to appropriately experience both success and failure in an educational environment.
    • Learn from experience that consequences follow the violation of a rule.
    • Experience working as a team member, exercising self-discipline and self-sacrifice in order to achieve team goals.
    • Learn how to be a good teammate, making positive contributions, regardless of the role on the team or activity.
    • Experience a feeling of self-worth and to develop self-confidence.
    • Experience in problem-solving and decision-making.
    • Engage in organized activities with other students whose backgrounds may be dissimilar from their own.
    • Learn to develop trust and accept the responsibility that comes with earning trust from others.
    • Create a positive rallying point for the school in order to help them develop school spirit and loyalty.