Returning Student Course Selection Process

  • December 2020

    1. Students will speak with teachers and counselor to learn more about course options for 2021-22.
    2. Student and parent will work together to input course requests into a Naviance Student course plan.
      • NOTE: Course requests must be entered before returning to school in January 2021.

    January 2021

    1. Counselors will meet with each student individually to confirm course requests.
      • Meetings will take place during English classes
        • Class of 2022: Week of January 5th
        • Class of 2023: Week of January 11th
        • Class of 2024: Week of January 19th
    2. Students and parents can review finalized course requests on Skyward to confirm accuracy.
    3. No course request changes can be made after January 2021 ends.