• Student meals during school closure

    Meal pick up locations in District 201

    Where do I go to pick up breakfast and lunch?

    Students will be able to pick up free "Grab and Go" breakfast and lunch at the following locations closest to their residence. Note, students may pick up meals at any school in the community. They do not have to go to their home school for meals. Breakfast and lunch will be served between the times of 7am - 12:30pm.

    District 201 students who pick up both breakfast and lunch can pick up their meals at the following District 201 campuses. Students may pick up two days worth of meals at a time. 


    District 201 Locations

    Morton East High School 

    2423 S. Austin Blvd 

    Cicero, IL 60804 

    At Morton East, community members will enter through the main entrance.  There will be a table and chairs set up where pickup for breakfast and lunch meals may be picked up. 


    Morton Freshman Center 

    1801 S. 55th Ave 

    Cicero, IL 60804 

    For Morton Freshman Center, community will enter through the main entrance.  A table will be there with the meals and food service workers available to assist/tally off meals. 

    Morton Alternative School students can go to Morton Freshman Center or home campus. 


    Morton West High School 

    2400 Home Ave. 

    Berwyn, IL 60402 

    At Morton West, Door 29 will be the entrance/exit.  A table will be there with the meals and food service workers available to assist/tally off meals. 



Meal pick up locations outside of District 201

  • District 100

    District 100 sites open from 9 til 12:30, breakfast and lunch offered one day at a time.

    District 100 Locations


    2435 S. Kenilworth Ave                        

    Berwyn, IL 60402



    6850 W. 31st St 

    Berwyn, IL 60402 



    2515 Cuyler Ave 

    Berwyn, IL 60402 



    3501 S. Clinton Ave 

    Berwyn, IL 60402 


    3016 S. Ridgeland Ave 

    Berwyn, IL 60402 


    6850 W. 31st St 

    Berwyn, IL 60402 


    6537 W. 37th St 

    Berwyn, IL 60402 



    6539 W. 26th St 

    Berwyn, IL 60402


  • Lyons District 103

    Lyons District 103 open 10-12, two meals but one day at a time. 

    Lyons District 103 Locations

    Costello Elementary 

    4632 S. Clyde Ave 

    Lyons, IL 60534 


    Edison Elementary 

    4100 Scoville Avenue 

    Stickney, IL 60402 


    Home Elementary 

    4400 South Home Avenue 

    Stickney, IL 60402 


    Lincoln Elementary 

    4300 Grove Avenue 

    Brookfield, IL 60513 


    Robinson Elementary 

    4431 S. Gage Ave 

    Lyons, IL 60534 


    George Washington Middle School 

    8101 Ogden Ave 

    Lyons, IL 60534 

  • District 99

    District 99 sites open 8-10, breakfast and lunch offered one day at a time. 

    District 99 Locations


    1630 S. 59th Ave. 

    Cicero, IL 


    Cicero West 

    4937 W. 23rd St. 

    Cicero, IL 


    Columbus West 

    5425 W. 31st St. 

    Cicero, IL 



    5407 W. 36th St. 

    Cicero, IL 



    2625 S. Austin Blvd. 

    Cicero, IL 



    3545 S. 61st Ave. 

    Cicero, IL 



    1500 S. 50th Ave. 

    Cicero, IL 



    5347 W. 22nd Pl.

    Cicero, IL 


    Warren Park 

    1225 S. 60th Ct. 

    Cicero, IL 



    2310 S. 57th Ave. 

    Cicero, IL


    Unity Jr. High 

    2115 S 54th Ave. 

    Cicero, IL 


  • District 98

    District 98 sites open 8-12:30, breakfast and lunch offered one day at a time 

    District 98 Locations

    Havlicek Elementary School 

    6401 W. 15th St. 

    Berwyn, IL 60402 


    Jefferson Elementary School 

    7035 W. 16th St. 

    Berwyn, IL 60402