Morton Freshman Center GooseChase Electives Fair

  • Elective Fair GooseChase Player Instructions

    Win cool prizes with the Elective Fair!

    How do I sign up for the Elective Fair?

    The Elective Fair is an exciting scavenger hunt for all students! Through the GooseChase app, students will be able to participate in grade/level and content specific scavenger hunt missions. As students complete the missions, they will be eligible to win a variety of exciting prizes!

    To win prizes, students will need to complete GooseChase missions to earn points. Each mission will earn a student up to 600 points, which will calculate automatically in the GooseChase app. Once students earn a certain number of points, they will be awarded a prize or be put into a raffle for a larger prize.

    To sign up, students will have to download the Goosechase app onto their phones and enroll in the “FC/East Electives Fair” with their ID number and campus name (i.e. 123456 FC). 

    Any Morton Freshman Center student can participate!

    The Elective Fair Challenge will begin on December 2, 2020 and end on December 16, 2020.

    Download the instructions to participate in the Elective Fair Challenge.

    Electives Fair GooseChase Player Instructions 2020/Instrucciones para jugadores de GooseChase de la feria de electivas 2020



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