Morton East & Morton Freshman Center Mathletes

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    What is Mathletes at Morton?

    Students compete against Illinois schools in individual and team Mathematics events.  The events include monthly Illinois Mathematics League contests, the Lemont Invitational, the ICTM Regional and State Math contests, the MathCON online competition, and four West Suburban Math League meets.  In order to prepare, students meet at least once per week to practice complex and challenging math problems.

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    This season's schedule: 2021-2022 Mathletes Competition Schedule


    2021-2022 Meeting Dates and Times:

    Seniors (Ms. Kane: - Room 351): Individual Practice on Monday @ 3:15pm, Team Practice on Friday @ 3:15pm

    Juniors (Mr. Volk: - Room 414): Mondays @ 3:15pm

    Sophomores (Mr. Horvath: - Room 302): Mondays @ 3:15pm

    Freshmen (Ms. Hosek): TBA


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