Morton West AP Student Information

  • Morton West AP Student Information

    Why AP Classes?

    U.S. Department of Education study found that the strongest predictor of college graduation is something students do before they ever go to college:​ Participate in rigorous, college-level courses in high school—and AP courses in particular.​

    What is an advanced placement course?

    • AP courses are designed and updated annually to reflect what is taught ​
      in cutting-edge college courses.​
    • AP curriculum for each class is the same for all schools around the US and Globe.​
    • Students receive an external evaluation—​
      the AP Exam—which is scored by college faculty from around the world who verify that the student has mastered college-level studies.​


    What advanced placement courses are offered at Morton West?

    • AP English Language & Composition ​
    • AP English Literature & Composition ​
    • AP Calculus AB and BC ​
    • AP Statistics ​
    • AP World History ​
    • AP European History ​
    • AP Microeconomics ​
    • AP Psychology ​
    • AP US History ​
    • AP Government & Politics
    • AP Physics​
      • AP Physics C
    • AP Computer Science (West only) ​
    • AP Biology ​
    • AP Chemistry ​
    • AP Environmental Science​
    • AP Spanish Language ​
    • AP Spanish Literature ​
    • AP French ​
    • AP Music Theory ​
    • AP 2D Studio Art
    • AP Human Geography
    • AP Computer Science A
    • AP Chinese
    • AP Drawing

    During the 2016-17 school year, 2,148 AP exams were taken by over 1,040 students. ​Of these students 33.3% achieved a score of 3 or higher. Over 51% of Morton West graduates take at least one AP course​ 32.6% of our 2017 Freshmen students passed the World History exam​.


    Ap classes and college credit allows you to

    • Move into upper-level college courses sooner​
    • Pursue a double major​
    • Gain time to study and travel abroad​