Student Expectations

  • JS Morton District 201 Dress Code Guidelines 2015-2016


    Polo Shirt: Students shall wear a maroon long or short sleeved uniform polo shirt with the JSM logo. Shirts must be worn tucked in unless they are straight cut and made to drape only to the waist.


    Sweater/Sweatshirt: Plain solid maroon or green uniform sweaters or sweatshirts with the JSM logo are allowed. Plain solid maroon sweaters or sweatshirts without the JSM logo are allowed.  NO HOODIES OR JACKETS!


    Khaki pants/shorts: Students shall wear plain khaki flat front or pleated slacks.  Pleated pants with large pleats are not allowed. Pants that are too long or too baggy are prohibited.  Rubber bands are prohibited.  Girls may wear khaki skirts.  Shorts and skirts must be of appropriate length. 


    Belt: If a belt is worn, a brown or black belt must be looped appropriately. The buckle must be plain, and there may be no markings on the belt.


    Shoes: Shoes must be white, brown, gray or black and both shoes must be of the same color. Athletic shoes (gym shoes) in white, brown, gray or black may be worn. Flip-flop and athletic slide-on sandals are not allowed.  Shoelaces must be of the same color on each shoe. Tie shoes must have solid laces that are the same color as the majority of the shoe and shoes must be laced in the traditional manner.


    Socks: Socks must be the same color on each foot. Only black, brown, gray, tan or white socks are allowed.


    Undergarments: If visible through the polo shirt, must be solid white. White undershirts (t-shirts) may be short or long sleeve.


    Student ID: The student ID must be worn around the neck at all times.