Numeracy Coach

  • Mission:  To engage and prepare our students to be critical and independent thinkers who can share problems in a post-secondary and real-world setting.


    Vision:  The Morton Mathematics Department will provide the tools necessary for all students to become problem-solvers, effective citizens, and productive members of our society.



    The main goal of the Numeracy Coach is to assist teachers in incorporating mathematics through coaching in the classroom across all content areas.  Collaborative lessons are planned with teachers to raise awareness and deepen understanding of mathematical concepts across the curriculum.


    The primary goal of the Numeracy Coach is to connect faculty, students, and parents with numeracy. The faculty engages in professional developments and trainings that center around innovative ways to integrate numeracy strategies across all content areas. Our students are exposed to a variety of numeracy strategies in all of their classes, which further improves mathematical skills. Our parents, and the community, have opportunities to participate in various workshops and other activities that promote numeracy. As a school district, we are dedicated to making numeracy a top priority.


    This page is designed for everyone to use with the hopes of further connecting our faculty, students, and parents with numeracy.


    Numeracy Coach: Rose Cicero


    Phone: (708) 780 - 4100 ext. 3314