Morton Alternative School Overview

  • Morton Alternative School:

    1874 54th Ave. Cicero, IL 60804

    (708) 780-4080 (English / Español)

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    Principal's Office:

    Erin Kelly - Principal
    (p) 708-222-3080 x4010

    Secretary, Erika Medina (p) 708-222-3080 x4011


    Attendance Line
    (p) 708-222-3080 x122



    Georgia Hiotis
    Social Worker
    (708) 222-3080 x4015


    Dave Myles
    Social Worker
    708-222-3080 x100


    Morton Alternative School Mission Statement

    Morton Alternative School (MAS) was established on the premise that all students can learn and succeed when provided an educational environment that meets their individual needs and interests. Because the traditional school setting is not appropriate for all students, Morton Alternative School strives to create a place in which students may experience academic and personal success.

    The staff of Morton Alternative School designs an individualized plan for each student, composed of thematic units, interdisciplinary instruction, counseling, and service learning. The ultimate goal of the school is to allow students to develop the skills to become responsible and productive members of society.


    Morton Alternative School Overview

    We are entering the fifth year of implementation of the PBIS program at MAS. The goal of PBIS is to help build a positive school culture and climate at Morton Alternative School. By setting forth clear social and behavioral expectations and directly teaching students these expectations we help to create a positive environment.


    The MAS Catch 3 include:

    Be Responsible
    Respect Others
    Respect Property

    The expectation is for students to meet these expectations across all settings. Students are rewarded for exhibiting these behaviors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Since implementing PBIS in our building we have seen many positive changes including academic, social and emotional growth of our students.