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Lizbeth Delgado

Successful Future in the Making 

By Yanira Beltran 


Photo taken by Alessandro Mireles 

Lizbeth was helping her teacher Kevin O’Toole, Teacher at Morton Freshman Center, by helping track monarch’s migrations, which help understand how their decreasing numbers affect biodiversity and climate change


Lizbeth Delgado is a sophomore and honor roll student at Morton East High School. She Grew up in Chicago until she was 10 before moving to Cicero with her family. Delgado has received significant recognition and awards for being an outstanding student. 


Her parents were always working so that led to her and her sister growing up independently. At school, she prefers to do independent work rather than working online. 


“I feel like I grew up too fast, however, that helped me become very independent when it comes to school,” Delgado said.  


In 5 years, she sees herself going to an out of state school. Delgado is looking into engineering and is even currently taking an engineering class at Morton East. If she cannot leave Illinois, she plans to attend The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 


“I do see myself going to college after high school. I'm not sure of what career path I exactly want to choose yet, but I do want to go out of state for school,” Delgado said. 


The way she learns is by visualizing things and exploring. Delgado wants to leave out of state to see other places and learn about new things from other areas that she would not be able to learn here. That is her biggest motivation to keep going.  


Delgado shared, “College helps me to keep myself really motivated. I am hoping to find ways to get scholarships to help pay for school. I want to leave Illinois and travel a lot whenever possible.” 


Due to her persistence and success, Delgado has received great recognitions and awards for her hard work. Not only do the staff and teachers think she is a great student and person, but also her friends. 


“I have been Student of the Month twice, obtained a student citizen of the year award nomination, and got invited to speak at the United Nations,” Delgado said. 


She has friends such as Alexa Mercado, who think that Delgado is a person who cares about others and supports her loved ones. 


“Lizbeth is a very loving and caring person. She really loves to help out when I am going through something or struggling with something. She's also very supportive, she helps all of us with decisions, and always agrees with whatever we choose,” Mercado said. 


As of now, Delgado’s mindset is to go to college and see what good opportunities come her way. Although she is still only a sophomore, she is already planning out her future and coming up with ways to become more successful if she follows the right path!