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Fernando Aquino

From a High School student to a Future Scientist

By Jose Nava

Photo taken by Fernando Aquino.

Fernando Aquino in full school uniform taking notes during his online class.


Fernando Aquino, a sophomore at Morton East Highschool, does not let anything get in the way of achieving his goals. He has positive experiences at Morton East, many inspirations, and a possibility for his future to become a scientist in medicine.


Just like many students at Morton East, Aquino never got to experience transferring to East from the Freshman Center. It was a struggle, especially not being able to go into Morton East. Now, he is doing school online just like most of the students are doing.


“I would say in the beginning online learning was kind of... well it was strange, to say the least, because for the first four months I didn’t really have a desk so I kind of had to stay on my bed... it kind of became a little easier and as the time when on I kind gotten used to it,” Aquino said.


Despite learning remotely that does not stop him from enjoying his interests at school. His teachers also help him with these interests.


“Actually, I do have a pretty big interest in chemistry and medicine. I was looking at something that my teacher for principles of biomedical science that they gave me after class ended,” Aquino stated, with a huge smile on his face.


Due to his interest in chemistry, Aquino also finds medicine very fascinating.


“I think it would be my first big interest. I have smaller interests like engineering or mathematics, but since the first time doing chemistry, I said to myself ‘I really do like this,” Aquino said.


Understanding that medicine and chemistry are his biggest interests even though they can be challenging studies, his motivation comes from following in someone else’s footsteps.


“I'll probably say it's my sister because you know she is a hard-working person. When something pushes at her, she does not back down. She goes right at it and does not stop until she gets it. That something I find admirable about her that I just want to, you know, do myself also,” said Aquino.


His teachers have remarkable things to say about Aquino after seeing and learning who he is as a student in their classrooms.


“He is not one to socialize much, but I think the fact that he reserves his speech for important occasions, makes the people around him respect him, see him as a leader, and as someone they can trust. I always knew better than to call his name. I knew that when he was ready to say something that was meaningful, something he really thought about, or something he thought would be beneficial to his classmates during discussions, he would raise his hand,” said Manuela Navarro, who teaches Freshmen English at the Morton Freshman center.


Aquino can be described in one word: hardworking. He has experienced Morton East in a unique way by learning online but still hopes to pursue his interest in science and medicine. Aquino continues to stay motivated by his inspirations and dreams for a great future ahead of him.