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Alwyn Galvez Marquez

Brave Blacksmith and Passionate Pilot 

By Kimberly Aragon

Photo taken by Alwyn Galvez Marquez.   Alwyn Galvez Marquez is reading a book while their cat is chilling nearby.

Photo taken by Alwyn Galvez Marquez. 

Alwyn Galvez Marquez is reading a book while their cat is chilling nearby. 


Alwyn Galvez Marquez is a current senior student at Morton East High School. They were born in April 2004. They were born in Chicago. Both of their parents are from Zacatecas, Mexico. Galvez is technically not part of any school activities at the moment, but they are planning to join the Weightlifting club. 


They currently do not have a job, but they sell pieces from any blacksmithing they do at home. Galvez enjoys working on blacksmith activities, even though it can be dangerous. 


“It’s very enjoyable,” Galvez said.  


Galvez taught themselves while working about their goals and their meaning of them. They believe patience is key for you to achieve your goals, but you can reach them eventually. 


“Working has taught me that goals require more than just time. I always used to think that you just happen to reach your goals when you hit certain ages, but work shows you just how hard it is to achieve something,” Galvez said.  


Galvez said that burning their hand because of pure instinct was their favorite thing to share about blacksmithing as they worked. 


“I was working on a piece one time. I was letting the metal bar cool off and it started tipping over, and I out of pure instinct, grabbed the hot steel and burned my hand,” Galvez laughed. 


Galvez really wishes to have more fun at a youthful age. Time flies by fast. They realize that people do not really notice that right away. Once you grow and get older, you cannot go back. Becoming a senior, everything starts to change; you are becoming an adult. 


“I wish I had told my younger self to have more fun. You only get to be young once and I feel I skipped out on one too many fun experiences,” Galvez said. 


Journalism teacher, Mr. Frankfother, shares that Galvez is an honest and communicative student who works hard and is not afraid to share their passion with people around them. 


"Lyn is one of those students who talks to teachers on their level. They are honest and forthright in their opinions -- not in an aggressive way, but with the intent of passing on real information. They are insightful, inquisitive, and interesting. I've learned more about death metal music this year; Their passions regarding it are contagious and moreover informative. They truly communicate the interesting details," Frankfother said. 


Galvez’s plan is to become a pilot. They plan to take flight classes later in their life when they get a chance for that opportunity. Galvez is excited about finishing his high school career. They will soon turn 18 and graduate in May 2022. They cannot wait to achieve their goals, and they are proud to be a Mustang each day!