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Mason Magos

When There is More Happiness in Giving than Receiving 

By Jacqueline Gallegos

Photo provided by one of Mason Magos’ friends.   Students drawing and enjoying snacks during extra help time.

Photo provided by one of Mason Magos’ friends. 

Students drawing and enjoying snacks during extra help time. 


Mason Magos is a 17-year-old senior at Morton East High School. Magos participates as a sophomore mentor and helps throughout periods with other students who are struggling. He enjoys spending time with his family when he can, whether it is just being at home or going out to watch a movie. Magos believes that regardless of the situation you are in, always look for the good in others. He also believes you should always put in the work to get to your goals. Regardless of how hard and frustrating it will be. 


Magos quoted that growing up was not easy due to dealing with having to look out for his mother and siblings at such an early age. They not only taught him to become independent but also to understand people are not always going to be there for you. Regardless of the situations given to him, Magos always looks at a positive outcome from those lessons.  


“It was really sad; my childhood was really rough. I’ve had police barge down my door, it was really hard. There were times where my family had to move so much that it would have to wake up earlier. It was super hard to balance, but even with all that. The harsh childhood, I just want to say, that life is how you make of it,” Magos noted. 


When Magos was asked about what teacher impacted him the most, Magos found it hard to choose.  


“I love all my teachers. Mr. Herman is great. Mr. Volk is such an inspiration; he’s so smart, and Mrs. Stefano is the best! Besides teachers, I would say the College and Career Center are always messaging me giving me these great opportunities. They treat me like family. Overall, I love the faculty here,” Magos emphasized. 


Magos mentioned that he had experienced so much at such a youthful age that he came to realize giving up should never be an option. He recommends impactful words to those who are going through anything.  


“If I was letting myself down and thinking 'ugh life is so hard for me when is life going to get better.' Life is never going to get better, you have to activate that change and make it happen. Don’t sit and cry about situations, do something about it, ” Magos shares to encourage students to view themselves and others better.  


Magos has impacted many students, but who impacted Magos?  


“My mom. I love my mom, she personally has been through so much, and she is my biggest influence. She grew up in Puerto Rico and came here without knowing English. Had two kids at a young age, managing them and still going to college.” Magos gushed.  


Going more into depth, Magos has always been impressed by how much his mother does for him and his brother. How she put him first, regardless of the situation, she prioritized the need to be there for every single part of Magos' life.  


All of Magos’ teachers had swell things to say about him as a student and person. However, Mrs. Stefano, a business teacher at Morton East, mentioned one of the most impressive responses.  


“Mason is one of the best students I have had. He is always polite and helpful. He takes pride in his academics and always submits high-quality work,” Stefano said. 


Others regard Magos not only as a student and classmate but also as a friend. Specifically, his friend, Svetlana Tolento. 


“I'm proud of his work ethic and perseverance, always trying his hardest and never giving up in school, inspiring me and his peers. He’s always mindful and always ready to lend a helping hand in whatever way he can,” Tolento quoted. 


Magos wants to set an amazing example and help those who want to be successful. He is setting a splendid example for many to follow. Magos plans to continue to either go to college or university after high school. He also wishes to continue influencing others for the better. Magos is thankful for the time he has had at Morton; he wishes he could never leave. With graduation just around the corner, he will never forget the support and love he received from each of the staff and teachers.