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Sergio Lara

Well-rounded student dancing his way through success 

By Frida Marquez 

 Sergio Lara studying for his several AP classes before school starts.  

Photo taken by Morton East student, Frida Marquez. 

 Sergio Lara studying for his several AP classes before school starts.  


Sergio Lara, a senior at Morton East High School, is a very involved student that always leaves his peers and teachers amazed by his intelligence. He has been enrolled in nine AP classes and three zero-hour classes during his time here in Morton East. Sergio maintains a 4.0 GPA, and he is involved in mathletes, NHS, AP breakfast club, and folkloric.  


Sergio is known for being the math whiz in his class. Recently he even qualified for state in mathletes and for nationals in Mathcon. Being in mathletes and the advice from a former teacher has led him to pick a career as either a civil engineer or a math teacher.  

“My interest in teaching came to be from mathletes when I would help my other mathletes and teach them," said Lara.  


He continued to mention that besides the first-hand experience of teaching, the inspiration came from his calculus BC teacher from junior year, Ms. Kane. Sergio went on to pass the Calculus BC exam with a four and is currently attending Morton college for calculus, which only a few numbers of students are able to do.  


He has always made his achievements look easily done, but being an undocumented student brings obvious obstacles and feels heavier as a rising college student. Yet, this doesn’t stop Sergio from being tenacious and being in the top 5% of his class. He mentioned that the best piece of advice he has received was to always be himself, and it helped him through these four years. If it weren't for him being himself, he wouldn’t have been known around this school and been encouraged to show all sides of him that lead him to success.  


Sergio’s outstanding characteristic is that he is well-rounded. Sergio's strong suit may be math, but his proficiency and interest in French are evident in his French III class.  

“I think that French is an important language, and I would like to be able to communicate with people in another language besides English and Spanish,” said Lara.   


He will go on to take the AP French exam this May with high hopes after achieving the commendation for the French biliteracy seal, making him very close to be certified trilingual. Lara continued by saying he was close to getting the seal, but he is now waiting on his results for the speaking test and hopefully attain that seal. This wouldn’t have been done without the rigorous studying and classes he goes through, but its managed with his great work ethic and determination.  


Ms. Esposito, Lara’s French teacher, has mentioned it’s been a delight to have Lara in her class and knowing him since his sophomore year.  

“He is always participating in class and he has shown real progress since French I," said Esposito.  


Lara shows enthusiasm in all his classes, and such charisma in the classroom makes him well known and liked by his peers and teachers. Jimmy Aguirre, one of his close friends and classmate, would agree that Sergio’s effort doesn’t go unnoticed.  

“I see him studying all the time or helping someone else with their work, whether it be in class or outside of school," said Aguirre.  


Besides academic achievement, Lara proves himself as a person by going on his way to help people, which says so much more about him as a person than a report card or class ranking can.  

Sergio has been accepted to several colleges including UIC, Knox College, and U of I. Yet, he is waiting on a decision from his number one college, which is the University of Chicago. Everyone around the school knows that he exudes Morton Pride, but he expresses a change that he wishes to see in Morton for future classes- getting rid of uniforms.  

“I would get rid of uniforms because it limits a student's expression and their ability to be themselves,” Sergio said.  


This change is expected from Lara because he puts the student's creativity as one of the main priorities. Yet, he says that the teachers are one of the best parts of Morton East. He went on to mention that there are several teachers that influenced him, and if it weren't for Morton's staff and faculty, he wouldn’t have gone so far in his academic career.