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Juan Escobedo

Escaping to a life of education 

By Kimberly Quintero 

 Juan Escobedo moments after winning the Mr. Morton award.

Juan Escobedo moments after winning the Mr. Morton award. 

Photo taken by Morton staff. 


Juan Escobedo, a senior at Morton East High School, is a hard-working student who puts commitment towards his goals until achieved. Juan is currently and has been for two years in the Morton East Poms team.  He has an outstanding GPA of 3.9 and is currently working very hard to maintain it at a high level. One of his biggest goals is to graduate and attend his selected university. 


Even though his life didn’t have the smoothest road to get where he is at right now, Juan did learn a lot from the obstacles and managed to get through them, doing whatever it took to succeed.   


“I am most proud of my progress so far because my mom raised me and my sister as a single parent and our success is just so unbelievable how far we’ve come,” Juan said. 


He is already a very well-known student, he has been around quite a lot during Morton activities and since he is in poms, he is always the spotlight of the floor during pep rallies, games, and performances. One of his biggest achievements as we all may know was winning Mr. Morton, is the student who represents the school. 


“It’s honestly one of my best experiences here at Morton, in my high school career because it still seems unreal to me that I get to represent the school in such a positive way, Juan said. 


Even though there might be nights where exhaustion, stress, and anxiety kick in, he always finds a way to get things done either doing them ahead of time or having nights where he stays up and loses much-needed sleep. 


“I’m honestly a responsible student, I’m always on time, and I turn in assignments in time, and I’m a person you could count on,” Juan said.  


Being in a sport or club might be hard at times and there are many students out there who don’t join or aren’t in any clubs or sports for the simple fact that it can be pretty hard to maintain, especially if you have a busy life out of school. 


“I honestly feel like poms affected my life in a really good and positive way because it busted my bubble in a good way, I got to show my personality more, I got to meet a lot more people because if it wasn’t for poms, I would’ve still been that little antisocial kid I used to be,” Juan implied.  


Juan is surrounded by friends who love him and support his decisions, and all they want is to see him grow as a person and watch him succeed with his life goals.  


“I’ve been friends with him since freshman year, and has actually been a really good friend with me, he’s always been there for me and for each other, he impacted my life by always being there for me, we always help each other with school, ever since then until now we’ve been really good friends,” Viviana Rios said. 


Like most students, Juan already has a plan for what he might do after graduating from high school. 


“I’m planning to go to university, right now I’m in between the University of Illinois or Dominican University. Those are my top two choices because they’re really diverse, they have so many opportunities, and there are so many programs you can be involved in,” Juan said. 


Choosing a career can be hard because it will determine who you are and chose to be for your very own future. 


“I want to major in elementary education, to be an elementary teacher, to teach future students about the importance of life,” Juan stated. 


Morton East High school offers many opportunities for every single student, from carpentry to culinary to even photography, Morton is such an amazing school but there are some things that need change. 


“I would change the students' spirit, because for example in the football games or basketball games not many students go, so that would be a really good opportunity for students to have more of high school experience, and in school pep rallies it’s just a way to get more hyped,” Juan mentioned. 


Juan is the definition of a student who is hard-working, committed, and outgoing. Juan is one of the many students here at Morton who inspire to find a way to overcome certain situations and keep on pushing through.