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Melanie Moran

Leading her way to a brighter future 

By Melani Peralta

 Melanie Moran performing “La Negra” at the Freshman Center for the Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly.

Photo taken by Ms. Rodriguez at Morton FC 

Melanie Moran performing “La Negra” at the Freshman Center for the Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly. 


Melanie Moran, a senior at Morton East High School, is a dedicated student focused on her two AP classes during her senior year and active member of NHS, Club President of the Morton East Folkloric Club and earlier in the year part of the powderpuff team for homecoming week.  


 Trying to balance extracurriculars and AP/Honors classes for four years at Morton is difficult. But that hasn’t stopped Melanie Moran from being club president of Folkloric and a top AP student.  


“My favorite thing about the club is that we’re all so connected. I feel like every time I go to practice, it’s a whole family,” Melanie said. 


Melanie has also talked about the importance of leadership and how it is important to be all-inclusive when coming to group decisions. Being the club president has made Melanie more aware of her actions and impact on herself and others.  


“I’m way more open to doing anything even if it’s just participating in (Dance) class. I guess it’s because during practice I have certain roles with all the warm-ups,” Melanie said. “I also feel like it’s important not to take advantage of a position like a club president and I think that puts a good example on my peers.” 


A friend of 6 years, Abigail Maya, also sees her as an excellent leader who is independent and a hardworking companion who she admires and is a long-time loyal friend.  


“Melanie’s ability to use her strong voice makes her a good leader. She knows when to be serious and how to conduct a group,” Abigail said. 


Not only is she a good leader but also the right-hand person to Co-Sponsor of Folkloric Club, Ms. Rodriguez. 


“Melanie is a natural leader; she steps up when she is needed. She works well with other people so no matter who I pair her up with, she’s very willing to help and be a kind and compassionate leader and is very understanding of others,” Ms. Rodriguez said. 


Throughout her life, she’s always had a supportive family and friends. But the biggest source of that consistent support has been her mother.  


“My mom for sure without a doubt has been a big impact. Because she's always there for me and she really believes that whatever I put my mind to I could really do it if I want to and she’s really kind and always giving me words of advice,” Melanie said. 


Melanie is an aspiring nursing student choosing between Dominican University who has offered her a presidential scholarship of 80,000 dollars and Loyola University who offered the presidential scholarship as well of 92,000 dollars and has also been enrolled in a nursing assistant course at Morton College. 


“My goal is to be a registered nurse just because I did the C.N.A program last year as a junior and I found everything we did was really interesting,” Melanie said. “I have a lot of cousins who are nurses or in the science field and the way they describe what they’re doing is that they’re very passionate about it and it makes me interested to go into the field,” Melanie said.  


Morton is a school like no other and Melanie has been through it all. Her time at Morton is almost over but as a student with a GPA of a 4.4, there are some big accomplishments to look forward to. 


“I’m really looking forward to graduation because I'm graduating in white and with the NHS stole. I just want my parents to be proud and I want all of my family to be there celebrating with me," Melanie said. 


When asked what she had experienced through four years of high school she mentioned learning a lot about herself and the people around her.  


“Teachers here (at Morton) really care about us, I’m sure it might be like that in most schools, but the connections I see here between teacher and student is amazing. It’s like you can really see that teachers care about their students,” Melanie said.  


Melanie has persisted a ton of obstacles from her middle school days to her high school days. Life throws so much, and Melanie Moran has been through the good, the bad and the ugly.  


“I’ve learned to be open and I shouldn’t care what anybody thinks of me. I am the way that I am and if people want to be friends with me then that’s awesome, if not it’s whatever I'm just going to be who I am.”