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Young LATINATalks arrives in Cicero!

 Young LATINATalks arrives in Cicero!

J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 in collaboration with Young LATINATalks

What is Young LATINATalks?

Fig Factor Media Publishing has a national program called Young LATINATalks that will arrive to Cicero to elevate the stories of 12 brave young Latinas that will take the state on October 24th! The collaboration of the Town of Cicero, Morton College and J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 brings this successful program to the Cicero community for the first time to elevate their stories. One speaker will have an opportunity to win a $1000 scholarship! 

How do I submit who I want to nominate?

If you know a young Latina in Cicero age 15 – 25, this is the opportunity to nominate her.
When are nominations due?
Nominations are due on September 28th.
Young Latina Talks Poster