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Morton East and Morton West participated in a dance workshop.

Hamilton Morton East and Morton West participated in a musical theatre dance workshop

Ebrin R. Stanley visits Morton East High School

On February 27, 2020, 60 theatre students from Morton East and Morton West participated in a musical theatre dance workshop in the historic Chodl Auditorium at Morton East.  The workshop was led by actor Ebrin R. Stanley, who played Hercules Mulligan and James Madison in the most recent Chicago production of Hamilton: An American Musical.  Ebrin started the day by telling the students about his journey deciding to become an actor, applying and auditioning at colleges, and finding a musical theatre program that was a fit for him.  He also talked about the realities of auditioning for shows, including the rigorous audition process and low pay at some shows.  After Ebrin’s story, and a Q & A session with our students, Ebrin taught the group the choreography from the hit song “My Shot” that he used when he auditioned for Hamilton.  After the group broke for lunch, the dancing resumed.  When groups were proficient in the dance, Ebrin upped the stakes by simulating a dance audition process, where students danced as a group, and were either kept for booking, or dismissed.  At the end, four students were told they would have been “booked” in Hamilton.  Before he left, a student from Morton West asked Ebrin if he was ever nervous about auditioning. Ebrin said, “No because I know they will never see another ME in the audition room.”  Ebrin continued, “just try not to let obstacles stop you because when it is your time to shine, it will happen… but you gotta be ready for it.  Keep pushing yourself, and you can totally make it in acting.”  After the session, East Theatre teacher Tyler Lubinus and West Theatre teacher Janine Delmonico had a debriefing discussion with their students.  One student said that he was totally motivated and inspired from Ebrin’s story.  Another student said she was so happy to have a guest speaker specifically for musical theatre, which is her dream career. The Fine Arts Department would like to thank Ebrin R. Stanley for teaching us the dance and inspiring our students to chase their dreams in theatre.  We are also grateful to Ms. Samantha Skubal, for setting up this exciting event with Ebrin, and Ms. Sally Walsh for organizing the lunch.  We would also like to thank Dr. Tim Truesdale, Dr. Josh McMahon, and Mr. Jose Gamboa for providing the funds that made this day possible.


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