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By the 1930s , with enrollment at Morton increasing to 9,500 in the high school and junior college, students were forced to attend classes in 2 daily split shifts –juniors & seniors in the morning and Freshmen & Sophomores in the afternoon.

In May 1932, the school district closed the school 2 weeks ahead of schedule because of financial troubles. School also started 2 weeks later, affecting the high school and junior college.


1930's Classroom




National Honor Society






School Activities




Morning Hall Monitors


Loitering was to be forbidden with the formation of the M.S.G.A. Hall Committee. Each hour hall monitors were stationed at various places in the halls to help with the congestion. Loitering, running, unnecessary noise, or other misbehaviors are prohibited. Stairways are designated as up or down except those from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor.



Cooking Classes

Cooking classes


Morton's 1st annual Homecoming sponsored by Morton Alumni.  Colorful parade with band demonstrations on the field. Over 3500 attended. With a yo, heave, ho the frosh win tug of war from the sophs... Seniors pull juniors all over the field to win from them. Bon-fire with songs and snake dance. .. Presidents of the four classes were introduced... gas filled balloons... Morton loses to Evanston, but real school spirit was shown by the students.



Prom (On the Stage in the Auditorium)



The stage is decorated like a ritzy dance hall, and the whole auditorium is open for prom-goers to stroll around in. This is the only dance, other than Class night, that is held in the evening.


The 1,045 graduates of the class of 1938 received pocket sized diplomas so that they may be “conveniently displayed to prospective employers.




"Through these portals, shaded by peaceful elms. time has seen the yearly passage of thousands - Mortonites - true and faithful, all."